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My Privacy Policy

As a counselor and psychotherapist, I take the issue of privacy very seriously. The time spent in my office is extremely personal, and the mutually trusting relationship that we build together is essential to protecting your privacy. Confidentiality is, after all, fundamental to having confidence in the work that we do together.  

When people first come to visit me in my office, they are given a written description of that work— and of the privacy that it enjoys— which may be found here. It is not possible for visitors to leave any information about themselves on this website, so I do not learn anything about you until we meet. Furthermore, any browsing analytics retained by the host of this website, Sonic.net, is generic and cannot reflect the activity of any individual visitor; you may browse this website in complete privacy.

Any contact with me by telephone at 707/935-3663 is only heard by myself. Any mail that I receive at PO Box 2108, Glen Ellen CA 95442, is only read by myself, and only I have access to any email that I receive at jshere@sonic.net. Furthermore, I do not rent, sell, or otherwise share any information about the people with whom I meet.

I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have about the confidentiality and privacy that I maintain.