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...offering a peaceful setting
for private, sensitive and thoughtful
conversations about the things
     that concern you...

In my work as a psychotherapist I am more a companion than an authority. My approach is based upon an imaginal, post-Jungian appreciation of the human condition, with roots driven deeply into my own personal experience.

There is no charge for the first time that we meet. It seems easier to explore the idea of working together in the uninterrupted privacy of my office, where we may learn from each other as much as we need at leisure, rather than hastily over the telephone.

Messages may be left at any time at 707/935-3663, or you may write me at PO Box 2108, Glen Ellen CA 95442. I can also receive email at jshere@sonic.net, and of course you are invited to explore this website further. The links below may be of help.

Before We Begin
This is given to the client during our first session.

My Privacy Policy
Confidentiality is essential to our work together.

Suggested Reading
Here are a few articles I have written about various aspects of human nature.

My Current Resumé
This is an outline of my professional background.

Jim Shere, MFT, Marriage, Family, Child, Individual Counselors, Glen Ellen, CA