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What I have written

Over my life so far I have written a wide variety of material, from the rustic poetry of my youth in Northern California, on through the more experimental writings as a student in Berkeley, and then, finally, the more seasoned writings that came after my return to a Sonoma County much changed from my childhood there. What follow below are links to a few of these.

More Thoroughly About Me
Here is a little more information about how I became who it is I turned out to be.

Clinical Commentary
These articles address a variety of clinical issues, including the psychodynamics of personality and the nature of relationships.

The Celebration of Marriage
Weddings have an important place in the community— they provide public acknowledgement of the love that brings people together.

Remembering Who We Are
My interest in history has helped me to understand how— and why— we became who we are, and to appreciate the meaning of time and place.

Understanding Astrology Matters
A collection of some of my writings on astrology— its legacy and its appropriate uses— can be found here.

Selected Essays
These memories, thoughts and contemplations reflect general observations on the human condition— as I have experienced it— and present a few things I have learned in the mean time.

Poetry, Prose, and Writings for the Theater
Here you will find a selection of prose and poetry written over the years, including a few of my theatrical pieces.