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Understanding Astrology Matters

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A collection of a few
of my writings on astrology
as an oracular language—
and its legacy, and its
appropriate uses...

I am frequently troubled by the popular abuses of astrology that trivialize its significance as a poetic language. Oracles have always been misunderstood by those who look for simple answers to questions that are, in fact, far more complicated than they realize.

Oracles do not provide answers. They point us toward a deeper understanding of the questions as doorways into mysteries that are to be explored rather than resolved. What follows here are some things I have written in the past that explain this in more detail. Click on each title to find the complete article.

Understanding Astrology
“Any discussion of astrology must take into immediate consideration the baggage of popular opinion, for it is often regarded as not much more than a primitive pseudoscience...”

What Astrology Is and Is Not
“I understand astrology as supplying insight into the purpose for life rather than providing descriptions of the cause of its events...”

How Astrology Works, and Why
“Astrology first began when the first caveman crawled out of the first cave to see the last great ice age begin to recede as the sun rose on the first day of the first Spring...”