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Clinical Commentary

Brief articles of mine have been published from time to time that have to do with my practice as a family counselor.  Here are some examples.

The Inner Process

These articles summarize some of my ideas about the inner, intrapsychic, process. They discuss the thoughts and feelings that take place within the individual that make up the personality and generate its behavior.

Why Counseling?
Really, how important is it? Well, if thinking clearly and understanding why we feel the way we do is at all important, then counseling can be very important...

Feeling Good, Feeling Well
Feelings are neither sensations nor emotions— in fact, as has been pointed out in another article, there may be a great deal of confusion about exactly just what it is they are...

Six Functions of the Psyche
Life is a class in the schoolroom of the world, they say, where lessons may be learned if we pay attention...

In the Service of a Good Grief
A major theme that we must all eventually confront in this very human condition is grief...

The Nature of Relationships

In these articles I have explored the external, interpsychic process— that is, the relationship that develops among individuals that amplifies the inner process taking place within each of them.  This is how the individual is transformed through companionship.

Romance in the Courts of Love
As I begin parsing these five traditional steps in the development of an intimate relationship between a man and a woman...

Wrestling with the Furniture of Marriage
It has been said that the work of marriage is rather like the work of moving a sofa: it requires two people who are willing to cooperate...

Walking Around the Problem
At dinner the boy had asked ‘will you teach me how to drive this weekend?’ and his father had said ‘sure’ but then Mom spoke up and said, ‘now wait a minute’...

Stopping Domestic Violence
Where violence occurs in a relationship, it is usually a reoccurrence after a period of calm when, once again, we find ourselves becoming irritated or annoyed with the other person...

Miscellaneous Writings

Other articles I have written that relate to my practice are gathered here.

Casebook Marginalia
These are epigrams and observations that have occurred during consultation over the years. These mementos remain largely provocative.